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Bedew Skin

The Plump & Elasticity Kit

The Plump & Elasticity Kit

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The ultimate bundle to work on fine lines, dryness/dehydration/dullness and skin that needs a plumping pick me up.

The Almond Oil Cleanser to thoroughly remove dirt, oil, makeup and SPF from the skin without stripping your natural barrier. The Cleanser is extremely effective without leaving your skin irritated and tight. 

The Epidermal Vitamin Spray is a skin perfecting cocktail containing a range of peptides to encourage cell renewal, antioxidants including vitamin c to even skin tone and texture while protecting from external stressors plus urea to strengthen.

The Instant Enzyme Peel to remove dead skin cells revealing fresh, bright skin. Using this twice a week will keep on top of flaking, excess oil and dullness caused by build up on the skin. 

The Hyaluronic Hydrator to feed the skin with glow enhancing Manuka honey extract, blueberry stem cells, brightening liquorice and plumping hyaluronic acid. It also contains powerful antioxidants to protect skin from external stressors. 

The Moisturiser to seal in all that hydration like a big blanket while also soothing, calming and strengthening skin. 

The Mineral Mud Mask as the ultimate spa treatment including hibiscus and Dead Sea mineral mud to tighten and vitamin E to condition (comes as 50ml only for both options)

The Night Serum with Retinal, niacinamide, collagen and warming dermapeptides to encourage cell turnover while you sleep.

Remember to use broad spectrum SPF daily. We have Heliocare available on your website, or you can add your own favourite! 


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