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The Peel Brush

The Peel Brush

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Introducing The Peel Brush, the perfect tool for a smooth and even application of The Instant Enzyme Peel. Designed with a fan-shaped head and soft bristles, this brush provides precise control and ensures that your peel-off mask is evenly distributed for maximum results.

Key features of our Peel Fan Brush:

1. Precise Application: The fan shape of our brush allows for precise and controlled application of your peel-off mask. The bristles are perfectly spaced and angled to ensure an even layer of product onto your skin, avoiding any excessive product buildup or patchy areas.

2. Easy and Mess-Free: Applying the peel with your fingers can sometimes be messy and wasteful. Our Peel Fan Brush eliminates the need for using your hands, keeping your application process clean and hygienic. It also ensures that you use just the right amount of product, preventing unnecessary product wastage.

3. Gentle on the Skin: Our brush is made with soft and gentle bristles, ensuring a comfortable application experience. The bristles are designed to be not too firm, minimizing any potential pulling or tugging on the skin during the application process.

4. Easy to Clean: Maintaining the cleanliness of your Peel Fan Brush is essential for a hygienic skincare routine. After each use, simply rinse the bristles with warm water and mild soap, gently squeeze out excess water, reshape the brush, and let it air dry. It will be ready to use again whenever you need it..

Enjoy the convenience of even distribution and the gentle touch of soft bristles on your skin. 


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