About Bedew

The idea of a dream skincare range started in 2018 when founder Rachael began formulating products to treat her own acne, which had been unmanageable since her early teens. 

Still struggling in her late twenties and after trying what felt like everything, she trained as a skincare specialist and opened her own business as a facialist alongside her daytime job as a clinical research analyst in wound care. Using all this knowledge and experience she began mixing and testing ingredients to create a homecare routine with real results. After working hard to get it just right, she was ecstatic to have control of her acne and to have the glow she'd longed for. When others tried them, they too saw amazing results. This inspired the creation of Bedew Skin in 2021 with the goal of helping as many people as possible to love their skin. 

The majority of Bedew products are handmade in our mixing room! We mix in small batches and ensure high quality with each product we create, package and wrap. 

Bedew products are cruelty free, are not tested on animals and are suitable for all skin types/tones. The only products from the range which are not Vegan are The Night Serum, which contains Marine Collagen and the Hyaluronic Hydator which contains Manuka Honey Extract.

The Mission

At Bedew Skin, our mission is to help those who have tried everything finally discover their glow.

We prioritise transparency, integrity, and delivering visible results.

Through our unique approach of healing through hydration and strengthening the skin's natural barrier, we ensure incredible results in a range of skin concerns and all skin types, without compromising on the glow.

We personally stand by our products, using them day and night, and sharing our own experiences on Instagram to build real relationships and trust.

We are committed to empowering our customers, making them feel safe and in control of their skincare journey. Our tried and tested routine offers a spa-like experience, delivering real results without being time consuming and complicated.

Taking sustainability seriously, we offer refills in compostable packaging to help customers save money and contribute to a greener environment. 

As the founder, Bedew Skin is deeply personal to me as it was created by me, due to my own struggles.  I aspire to help others discover the power of our products, allowing them to indulge in well deserved self-care, reclaim their time, their confidence and focus on what truly brings them joy in life.