Why Oil Cleansing?

Cleansing is a vital step in any skincare routine and arguably the one step that we put the least amount of thought into. A cleanser just cleanses the skin right? Then we move on to what we consider to be the most important parts of our routine like exfoliators, serums and moisturisers. However cleansing is not only necessary, but a step that we should give it a lot more thought to.

Typically, when we think of a cleanser we think of a gel, milk or cream which after use can leave our skin red, tight, irritated and have a 'squeaky clean' feeling that we seem to have grown to accept.

Enter Oil Cleansing

Having oily/acne prone skin myself, the idea of using an oil based cleanser on my skin felt scary at first. Before I started my journey into formulating products I would think, Why would I add more oil to my skin?!

However when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Consider a glass half filled with oil and picture what happens if you added a spoonful of water to it. The water would sit on top as they separate. Consider the same if you apply a water based cleanser to your oily skin. If however you applied an oil cleanser to oily skin, they attract one another making it much easier to pull away from the skin with your cleansing cloth.

When forumulating The Almond Oil Cleanser this is what I had in mind, a thorough but nourishing cleanser that not only suited drier skin types to add in that moisture, but also for oily, acne prone, sensitive skin types too who struggle with over production of oil, irritation and inflammation to find the perfect cleanser. After all, products targeted at us usually revolve around drying out acne, scrubbing away blackheads and stripping away oil which has done our skins barrier no favours and in turn worsened our skin concerns or created new ones.

So why do you need it?

Not only to remove makeup, dirt, excess oil and remnants of the day, but to eat away at dead skin cells daily with gentle enzymes, supported by hydrating, nourishing fatty acids and ingredients to support the skins natural moisture barrier and in turn repair the skins natural moisture barrier, help to reduce trans-epidermal water loss all leading to brighter, clearer skin with a recognisable Bedew Glow.

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